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Angel Investigations, we help the helpless...

If there is one thing that I have learned from watching tv, it is that the real definition of a hero is one who tries to Help the Helpless, something Angel and company showed me how to do for five seasons. I don't have money to donate to the hurricane victims and relief agencies, but I do have the desire to help. I saw this auction on eBay and thought about how much we all love to collect these treasures from our favorite TV shows and how much money changes hands in fandom with the memorabilia and collectibles and whatnot.

Here is what I am going to do:
If you will make a donation of $50 or more to any charity collecting money for Hurricane Katrina relief, I will send you one of the flyers for free. (Click here or here or here for screencaps showing the flyer.) You get to pick which charity or organization means the most to you. You get to make the donation yourself. You get a neat souviner from the set of Angel, and a few of the helpless in the world right now get some help.

What if I have already donated?
As far as I am concerned, that counts!

What if I want to donate to more than one charity, but I don't have enough to send them all $50?
As long as your donation totals $50, I think that is just fine. There are many organizations who are helping people right now, and if you want to support more than one that is wonderful.

If I donate $100 can I have two flyers? If I donate $150 can I have three?
If having more than one flyer is what it takes to get more money donated, I'm happy to send you more than one. :)

What about envelopes and postage?
I have no way of knowing how many people are going to think this is lame and laugh at me, and how many are going to want to participate. :) For right now I will pay the cost of shipping and supplies. If that changes, I will post about it here. (Remember, If I had a lot of money to do this, I would have made a donation myself. This is my way of trying to help out without having extra money. If this thing takes off and a lot of people want flyers, I will gladly accept a few dollars for envelopes and postage. If anyone donates money to me for these things and I wind up not needing it, I will take whatever is not used and donate it to charity. For right now let's just see what happens with this...)

What exactly is this flyer? Why do I want it?
This is the Angel Investigation flyer that was used in the Angel sesaon 3 episode "Provider". There are links to screencaps of it above. FOX and VIP Auctions are selling one on eBay for a lot of money. This is the same flyer. I don't have a snazzy certificate of authenticity to provide, but what I have came directly from the art department of the show so I can guarantee that it is the same thing. If you have to ask why you would want one, you probably don't want one. Move along, nothin' to see here...

I don't have money to donate, but I have/can donate goods and/or my time. Does that count?
You are the best judge of how much in goods you have donated. You are the best judge of how much time you have donated. You know how hard you have worked. If you tell me you have earned a flyer, I am happy to send you one along with my thanks.

So wait... You don't want a receipt or proof or anything?
Nope. This is the honor system. I have to believe that this is a world worth fighting for, and that means people are basically honest and want to help. Please don't prove me wrong.

Let's go to work... What do I do?
1. Make a donation of money, goods, time etc.
2. E-mail me about your donation. How much? What goods? How did you volunteer? Include your address so I can send you the flyer. If I decide to list those who donated, what name do you want me to list for you? Send this info to
3. Repost this message anywhere you feel would be appropriate. Your own journals, websites, communities etc. This is a public post, so feel free to link back to

ETA: The auction ended at a price of $212.50!

Any updates will be posted in my own live journal, in this post.
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