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Please don´t forget to send in recipes

Attention Bronzers!
We need your recipes!

Love to eat? More importantly, love to cook? Perfect! We love to cook too!
You probably also know that good recipes are hard to find . That´s when we
thought we ´d should do our own cookbook which meets all the Bronzer needs!

But for that we need your help - Please submit your favorite recipes to
and we´ll put it into the cookbook! It can be
everything from drink to cake to pasta... just use your imagination and give
us something really yummy!
Further information can be found at the
Bronzer cookbook site

The due date for recipes is the 18 th of March . The books will be
available for purchase at the beginning of April .
All proceeds of the cookbook will go to the Make a Wish foundation, so
you get yummy recipes and even do something good!

So what are you waiting for? Get cooking!

Hoping to hear from you soon, k8cre8 and Kessie

Oh and k8cre8 had the idea to point out some recipes we still need, cause they can be related to Buffy and Angel- Maybe you can use this list as an inspiration? Other recipes are of course welcome, too! Surprise us, we are waiting! *g*

Brownies BtVS: The Witch, AtS:I've got you under my skin
Buttery Crossants BtVS:The Pack
Mini Pizzas BtVS:Ted
Chocolate Chip cookies BtVS:Ted
Peach Pie BtVS:Anne
Hummas BtVS:Graduation Day pt II
Brie BtVS:Dead Man's Party
Empanadas BtVS:Dead Man's Party
Mulligan Stew BtVS:Earshot
Chocolate Cupcakes BtVS:Homecoming
Nog (Egg Nog) BtVS:Amends
Roast Beast (Beef) BtVS:Amends
Thanksgiving classics (turkey, stuffing, gravy, stuffing, peas) BtVS:Pangs
Moussaka BtVS:Wild at Heart
Waffles (less confusing) BtVS:New Moon Rising
Donuts BtVS:The Zeppo
Creme Brulee BtVS:The Yoko Factor
SPicy Buffalo WIngs Various, BtVS:Fool for Love, AtS:Shiny Happy People
Blooming Onion various, BtVS:Triangle
Jello BtVS:Listening to Fear
Tuna Sandwiches BtVS:Tough Love
Chicken and Stars soup BtVS:Earshot, and BtVS:Blood Ties
Tacos AtS:Fredless (and others)
Seabreeze (Loren's drink) AtS:You're Welcome, and others
Blueberry Muffins with streussel topping: BtVS:Beauty and the Beasts

For Fun:
Bug sandwiches (ala Teacher's Pet)
Hard Boiled eggs (ala Bad Eggs)
Technicolor food of strongness: BtVS:Superstar
Peanut Butter and Banana Quesedillas Ack! I can''t find this one. It's a weirdo failed concoction of Dawn's
Angel cakes AtS: Dead End One of Loren's nicknames for Angel, but, also a type of cake. Angel Food Cake.
Mockna One of the Grue's Pylean dishes
Ice cream and Tuna Fish AtS: Tomorrow The Grue's favorite food
Klug grain and Thistles (oatmeal) with kalla berries AtS:There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Bark Enchiladas AtS:There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Potato Skins ("Disharmony")
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