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This is an open membership community for all Bronzers who have Live Journals and vice versa.

Two requirements: 1) At some point you must have posted at the now defunct Bronze or post at what I, TeddiBear, (the community maintainer) recognize as the NEW temporary Bronze, the Bronze Beta. Yes I know, it's not the NEW Bronze, but for me and most of the people I know it's the temporary Bronze. So therefore posting on that posting board also allows you membership into this community. Once UPN starts up their Bronze, then that will work as well. And if you don't like this rule, simple DON'T JOIN.

2) The other requirement is you must have a Live Journal. That is the community's purpose after all to unite those Bronzers who have LJs.

Aso there will be ABSOLUTELY NO FLAMING. NONE, whatsoever. If there is any I will remove your posts and ask you to leave the community, possibly banning you. PLAY NICE people. Healthy discussion is allowed, but no personal attacks. This is not the Bronze, but it is a place for LJ Bronzers to congregate. I know many shie away from the Bronze Beta and stuff because of personal attacks and I will NOT allow that here.

So have fun and please feel free to tell other Bronzers you know who have LJs or vice versa to come and join. Just please abide by the few rules. I don't want to have to ban anyone.

Hope that doesn't sound too harsh. I don't mean it to.

Oh and the community is open to discussing anything. Not just Buffy and Angel :)

Just so ya know, The Beta can be found here: The Bronze Beta

Hope to see ya round the Beta! :)

*mega wuvs*

Oh yeah regarding SPOILERS: ok this is tricky territory. Basically if it is something NEW and ya think it's spoilery, please do use SPOILER tags or the LJ-Cut feature :) If it is something that has already viewed in America it is open reign. Use your judgement. FInd out what ppl have seen and then use the tags according to that info. But don't go ape if we forget the tags cuz with this kinda community it may be impossible. *snark*